Why choose us?

Our objective is to help you be more productive by adding a layer of convenience without any compromise to your Business Data and Privacy.

User friendly

Most popular business management solutions available currently have steep learning curve and are difficult to use. We simplify complicated tasks and get better the more you use.

Data Privacy

We understand that your business, financial, customer & personal data is private and confidential, we strictly do not share/sell or use your data for our gains.

Useful Integrations

Our solutions tie into your existing workflow, we integrate & play well with
other tools that you use to manage your business (e.g. Tally, Pagarbook, Quickbook, etc.)

Data Security

We follow industry standard encryption and data security policies for all our solutions to ensure you never lose your important Business data.

Inventory Management

Managing Inventory can be a huge hassle. Having incorrect stock information can lead to stuck inventory, wrong billing, longer cashflow cycles, etc. We attempt to provide solutions that work for Small & Medium businesses.
  • Get accurate understanding of your total Stock Value.
  • Create GST Invoice from Products currently in Stock.
  • Add your Warehouse/Store Manager with Stock Management privileges.
  • Get long team and short term forecasting based on past sales pattern and market trends.

B2B E-commerce solutions for your business

B2B E-commerce has significant difference from the good ol’ B2C E-commerce solutions unlike what some of our competitors would like you to believe. With our solutions you can

Find New Buyers & Suppliers

With our Marketplace built specifically for Business to Business Trade, finding better Bulk Discounts or a different Quality for the products you sell becomes more efficent.

Serve Existing Buyers Better

With our Buyer App for SMBs, you can let buyers search & discover your products, make it convenient for them to place and track their purchase orders and much more.