After studying and understanding needs of MSMEs in India, Treflo is offering products specifically designed for the need of this market. Helping all these vendors go online and move ahead with the ear of digitalization. With recent changes in economy, and post pandemic it has become necessary for all business to have online presence. Our goal at Treflo, is to make this transition from offline to online as smooth as possible.

What will help MSMEs with this movement?

Treflo offers multiple solutions to manage accounting, inventory and sales management online. There was a time when making invoices manually was the best option available but now with all these software available in market it has become easier to generate GST invoice online and share quickly.

Another product of Treflo is to make E-way bill online. Currently only source of making E-way bill is through government portal. Treflo offers a feature where if the invoice for respective E-way bill is generated on Treflo then you can make E-way bill in less than two minutes. With the help of Treflo’s pre-filling information feature now anyone can generate E-way bill in less than 2 minutes. No more time-consuming processes.

Now having processes figured out online, next thing for a business is to establish its presence online. Considering this, Treflo has built a B2B e-commerce store. Where all supplier can find a new buyer and vice versa.

All these products are built by people who had a business launched in 2018 and were able to generate millions of revenues. Treflo team has been through all the processes that MSMEs have themselves and they have faced same problems that every other business in India is facing. Having to make a product for problem you have been through brings a better understanding for Treflo team and that is what makes it unique. That is where we can say ‘Experience helped Technology to make world a better place for 64 million MSMEs’.

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